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No-Natz Insect Repellent-Great for NO-SEE-UMS- 2oz. bottle


No-Natz 2 oz. Bottle

No Natz® 2 oz. Spray

No Natz® Botanical Insect Repellent is botanical bug spray made with a blend of natural essential oils, including rosemary, lemongrass, geranium and citronella oils. Works safely* and effectively against gnats, small biting flies including biting midges (“no-see-ums”), stable flies, northern black flies (“buffalo gnats” or “turkey gnats) and mosquitoes. DEET-free formula. Safe for use around kids and pets*. Non-greasy, non-sticky formula with olive and coconut oils to condition and moisturize skin. Pleasant, fresh scent. Made in USA

The Secret of the South

Developed in the marshes of Savannah, Georgia, No Natz® products are know as the “Secret of the South” for their effectiveness against a variety of biting insects. From humble roots, No Natz® has become the best-selling DEET-free insect repellent brand in the United States.